We are about as small as you can get in business there is just me. We have been trading a long time, the best part of 30 years, and here on this very simple site we present you, yes you there, with our slection of knobs.

We want it to be fun, so please forgive the double entendras, and the descriptions, they are intended to bring a smile to your face when you are shopping. It's difficult not to laugh or at least smirk when dealing with the word 'knob'...there you go I bet you're smirking already?

What we can ensure and do take seriously is the value these knobs represent and the quality involved in the workmanship. We know the makers and buy directly from them,we know the craftsmen and women, which is our priviledge.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the selection and find something you like, there is a lot to get through so off you go and have a little look.




    We just like this picture...sweet isn't it?

  • THIS IS US!!

    Charlie and Wendy.
    We are the only people in this business, its not big but it is good....and we hope you like our knobs!


    Soooo often we are asked 'why?'
    Well we used to work in Spain and they used to say 'Wappa' when our daughter went by...of course not spelt like that but it means 'Beautiful'.