Hello everyone!

Welcome to our website. Christmas is nearly upon us once more, the years just seem to passs so quickly. But now that lockdowns seem to be a thing of the past, life is looking a bit rosier. We hope you enjoy our website and find a little something for someone special. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us, or better still you can visit our shop if you are in the vicinity..we are open 10 - 5 Tuesday to Saturday, and also will be opening on Mondays in December.

Many thanks, Charlie and Wendy

























FLORIN is our shop in the Somerset Levels. At last we have launched our website. As yet there is only a proportion of our lines available, though we will be adding more, so keep an eye out.

Our goods are bought in the countries of origin, which  allows us to cut out the middle man, enabling us to keep our prices down. We think fair trade works both ways, for manufacturers and customer.

Wendy travels to Nepal, Thailand, and India to buy our stck. She knows where it is all made and can guarantee that none of the workers involved in the manufacturing process are in any way pressured by greedy bosses. She also designs many of the products.

There's plenty to see,